Updated Visualizations: Twitter Data from Iberian Political Parties (10/20/15 to 07/25/16)

Playing with Twitter data using a simple dataset in Google Explore provides instant gratification!

Bar Chart
Total number of friends (accounts followed by user), followers (accounts following user), and Tweets from individual users between 10/20/15 to 07/25/16

Histogram of Twitter Followers
Pablo Iglesias (@Pablo_Iglesias) ranks highest in number of followers: 1,324,043
Podemos (@ahorapodemos) ranks second: 1,155,183
Ciudadanos (@CiudadanosCS) ranks third: 23,1761

What does it tell us that Pablo Iglesias, Podemos’s party leader, has more of a following than the party itself?

Digital Rhetoric of Iberian Democracy: Sample Visualization

This is a sample visualization of Twitter activity from December 2015 and January 2016, including numbers of followers and retweets, from Spain’s major political parties and Podemos’s party leaders. On December 20, 2015 Spain’s General Elections were deemed inconclusive, leaving the country in political limbo. One June 26, 2016, General Elections were held once again. These were also found to be inconclusive, leaving Spain without a majority winner for the second time in six months.image-2