Vanessa Ceia — Assistant Professor of Iberian Studies and Digital Humanities at McGill University

Digital Projects

“Mapping the Movida: De-Colonizing the Spatial Canon of 1980s Madrid” ( a geospatial project that identifies and queers countercultural hubs and artistic networks in Madrid during the 1970s and 1980s. Tools: Carto, ArcGIS, Google Earth. RA: Tristan Grupp.

“Digital Rhetoric of Iberian Democracy”: a parts-of-speech analysis of Twitter data generated by Spain’s five major political parties during the 2019 General Elections that examines the style, rhetoric and online campaign tactics of each party. Tools: Python, Google Charts, Stanford NLP Toolkit. Co-authored with Thyago Mota (Metropolitan State University of Denver). RA: Rhian Lewis.

“Digital Hispanic Feminist Networks”: a Twitter analysis project that examines the emergence and spread of feminist hashtags in Spanish – such as #YoTambién and #Cuéntalo – from the local to transnational levels. Tool: Twitter Archiving Google Sheet (TAGS). RA: Rhian Lewis.