Introducing: Mapping the Movida Madrileña


Mapping the Movida visualizes geo-spatial data on the cultural hubs of the Movida Madrileña, a sociological phenomenon and creative boom that emerged in the first decade of Spanish democracy (roughly 1976-1986). Though still in its preliminary stages, Mapping the Movida is an open web archive with three goals:

1) To create a public archive and searchable database of events and artists’ movements throughout the city of Madrid during the Movida Madrileña.
2) To allow users to identify cultural hubs and creative networks, and visualize patterns in artists’ movements during the period.
3) To re-create the Madrid of the Movida by housing various archival materials (images, video, audio, text) relevant to different points on the map.

This project aims to give users (scholarly and otherwise) access to compiled geo-spatial data, historical material and multimedia from the Movida in a structured, visual and interactive way.

Tools: Google Earth, CartoDB, Palladio
Archive: Brown University’s special collection of Movida publications


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