Text Mapping as Modelling at the University of Victoria’s DHSI

Join me June 13-17 at DHSI in Victoria, British Columbia, where I will be participating in Modelling the Textual Universe Through Mapping (Text Mapping as Modelling) , led by Øyvind Eide. This course will question one of the most important practices in Digital Humanities, namely, digital mapping of texts. The students will go though an extensive model building experiment using the map exhibition tool Neatline. They will also create reports in the form of textual blogs and compare what can be expressed in each of the two media. By comparing the different student projects in discussion sessions we will look into what kind of maps can be made based on different types of texts, and the degree to which mapping is meaningful for different texts.

Through the course the students will understand better where the information we put on maps come from. How much is read from the text and how much is added from other sources, including the reader’s previous knowledge? To what degree is the information silently adjusted to fit the map medium? How much of what we express in text and as maps are steered by the medium? Through this course the students will not only learn how to make map exhibitions based on texts but will also explore how modelling in the form of media transformation can be used as a text analysis tool.